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Welcome to my site! At my core I’m an artist. I express myself through various mediums—acting primarily, but also photography, writing, painting (and so much more)—if I were forced into a life devoid of creativity, I would spontaneously combust! Please, have a look around, and I hope you enjoy my work!


about me

I’ve been performing on stage for nearly 18 years. I was trained classically, spending most of my theatre years performing in Shakespearean shows. In addition to my classical experience, I spend a couple years performing with the AZ-based sketch- and improv-comedy troupe "The Cosmonaughts."

I spent many years working for the regional theatre Southwest Shakespeare in Mesa, AZ before moving to NYC. I also worked with the acclaimed Childsplay Theatre Company while building my AZ career.

I have been involved in stage combat as a fighter and choreographer for 16 years now with experience in hand-to-hand, rapier, dagger, quarterstaff, single sword, broadsword, small sword, and firearms—in addition to many years of training in gymnastics, tumbling, parkour, and various stunt skills.

My film experience has spanned 14 years. You may have even seen me in Visa’s “One Handed Catch” commercial alongside Larry Fitzgerald. I also appeared in five commercials for Adobe during their Knowledge Nugget online campaign (I even directed a few of them!) and several commercials for 3M. In addition to those more notable experiences, I have acted in 3 feature films and countless short films and web-series.

I have also taken my fight, dance, gymnastic, and stunt experience into film. I have worked on many action films as both fighter and choreographer. 

Please feel free to check out my Demo, Commercial, and Fight reels here: my acting page.


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